Why Choose an Early Childhood Education Course?

Jay Johnson

Are you looking for a course where you have good skills with kids and want to earn good money in the future? One course that I had been dreaming of being able to study to fit my skills is the early childhood education course. I just had this idea a few days ago after realizing that motherhood is not that easy. When you see your child growing up and he is growing up to be someone that will really test your patience you would really want to know what is the do’s and don’ts of being a good mother. As a mother, I want to be able to give my child the best of me, so that in the future if he will be on his own he will be able to use the wisdom I shared with him.

I am always having a good hard time with my 2 year old, because he is always doing things that I know, he doesn’t know yet which is not the things I want him to do. I want to be a strict mother sometimes but it also makes me feel guilty every time I do it the hard way. I do not want to be spanking him throughout his childhood so that he will not waste his food. I do not want to whip him every time he throws me things or slap me or hit me in any way; I know that is just his childish ways. My fear is that he will grow up disrespectful, I am really afraid to raise him the wrong way because I know that whatever the outcome of a child in the future, it would always be the parent’s fault.

The early childhood education course will help me understand children more, and how I can train them in the way, that he will put it in mind and he will have a good judgment on things. For me, a childhood’s education is very crucial, as they say children from 0 up to half a year old will have a photographic memory that will catch every detail of the things you’ve said or done in front of him, making him vulnerable to the grown ups’ mistakes. At the same time, this course will give me an option of job that I will be pursuing. I might consider teaching small kids at the same time knowing what to do with my own. I would not expect it to be perfect but at least I will be able to adjust to youngsters and not get too inconsiderate to my two year old. It is such a wonderful feeling to have a child, but when faced with difficulties in giving out discipline, I usually fall out and flicker.

I have read one article that said “children do not remember what we say, but they remember exactly what we do”. I am guessing that for a good start before I take up this course, I will start it with being a good example. And before I could forget in that article it said, “don’t’ bring work at home”, this is where I am quite guilty about.